Roeland Park Community Foundation



Foundation Bylaws

An agreement between the City of Roeland Park and the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation establishing a Community Foundation account was reached and unanimously approved by the City Council on November 18th, 2013. The Community Foundation allows the City to accept funds from individual donors or businesses who are interested in contributing tax-deductable donations to the City. The City can use these funds for non-operational uses, such as community events, public art and City park amenities.

The City’s account will be administered by the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation – a 501(c)(3) organization – which will handle the oversight of donations, investment strategy, and make disbursements to help with the administrative functions of the foundation.

The City of Roeland Park has also established a Board which will oversee the City’s Foundation account. Make a difference in Roeland Park and consider making a donation today!

Donations can be made online through the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation by clicking the “Contribute” link below. Be sure to specify “Roeland Park Community Foundation” followed by your contribution preference or our account number “Roe100” followed by the contribution preference in the Fund Name or ID blank. For example:

Fund Name or ID: Roeland Park Community Foundation – Parks & Trees


Fund Name or ID: Roe100 – Sustainability


Follow the link below for a complete list of donors:

Thank you

 Your contribution may support the following City events or needs:

  • Firework Display
  • Tree Lighting
  • Arbor Day
  • Art in R Park Program
  • National Safe Walk to School Day
  • Park amenities or other items
  • Sustainability


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Thank you to Grapes & Paints for sponsoring Roeland Park’s participation in the 2015 Pianos on Parade initiative!