Roe 2020 Improvements

Major improvements to Roe Boulevard, the City’s primary north/south corridor, are already underway. Construction will start in late Spring of 2020 and continue into early 2021. Improvements include new LED street lights, new traffic signals that will provide efficient traffic flow, intersections with improved pedestrian refuge points, a new 8 foot multi-use trail on the west side, and enhanced crosswalks. The improvements are funded through a variety of sources including

  • Surface Transportation Program (STP) grant funds: $4.66 million
  • Johnson County CARS grant funds: $1.62 million
  • Tax Increment Financing funds: $2.91 million
  • Special Street Sales Tax funds: $266 thousand

The improvements have been part of an extensive planning and visioning process which began in 2017. The project started with Visioning where the City engaged a resident task-force to determine the best course for the improvements. The City recently wrapped up design of the project in 2018. In 2019, the City worked with an appraiser to acquire easements, and worked with utilities to relocate facilities located in the city’s right of way in preparation for construction in 2020. 

Proposed North Gateway Feature

RP Gateway