RP ActS of Kindness

Have you witnessed an act of kindness in Roeland Park? If so we want to hear about it! We know that Roeland Parkers are some of the best people around and we don't want their good deeds to go unnoticed. Acts of kindness can be random or intentional, we want to hear about what you have witnessed and we may share it on our social media and in our City newsletter. Those who submit the act and those who perform it will get some great RP schwag! Help us share some good news and complete the form below. We may contact you for more details and pictures. Thank you for your efforts and being so great! #RPPride.

RP Act of Kindness Form

Elderly couple

Acts of Kindness

Unexpected Dog Walker

When he saw his neighbor needed help walking her dog, Roeland Park resident and neighbor Michael Foltz didn't hesitate to offer his support. 

Mr. Foltz volunteered to help his neighbor with her young and energetic dog. Mr. Foltz has taken the neighbor's dog on daily walks. He says she is great on a leash and is a super sweet dog. Thank you Michael for being a great RP neighbor! 

Please continue to share your random acts of kindness. #RPprideMichael Foltz

Lost Keys

Shout out to the Roeland Park neighbor who found a lost pair of keys and kindly returned them to the Police Department! Not only did he take the time to deliver those keys to the RPPD, he also made this sign and taped it in several places along Nall for those passing by! We don't know who this mystery peach of a resident is, but if you have any info, email jjoneslacy@roelandpark.org so we can gift this gentleman an RP branded tumbler!

Lost Keys

Trash Bins

Every Tuesday, Jason's trash is collected by WCA. Shortly thereafter, his trash and recycling bins are moved from the curb back toward the house. At first, Jason was confused but after six months he realized it was a wonderful neighbor who was doing that same for everyone on their block of Linden Street.

Jason says it has been happening every week for the year and a half he has lived in Roeland Park. It is such a simple gesture that is making people's days. Thank you Roeland Park neighbor! 


A Helping Hand

When Jessica was moving into her home a few months ago, she and her parents were struggling moving a fridge into the home. A wonderful neighbor on Mission RD driving by saw that they were having trouble, turned her car around, and immediately helped them get the fridge inside. 

Had it not been for the help and support of a neighbor, Jessica thinks she may not have been able to move in. 

We never forget these generous acts of kindness! 

Treasure Hunt

Emily's 5-year-old son has a fanny pack that he uses to collect "treasures" that he finds around the neighborhood. Their neighbor saw him hunting for treasure and he showed the neighbor the wonderful acorns and rocks he collected.

After Emily's son left, the neighbor put out wonderful treasures like coins, magnets, and marbles to be found. Now, Emily's neighbor has the most magical yard to hunt for treasures!

Treasure Hunt

School Supplies

Brittany Noriega set up a free table to give away school supplies to anyone that could use them at the start of the school year! She had a huge table full of anything students could possibly use. What a kind and generous person! 

Brittany Noriega Donations