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Application for Occupational License, City of Roeland Park, Kansas

  1. Application for Non-Domicile, Home Occupation and Administrative & Retail Occupational Licenses
  2. In order to obtain a Roeland Park Business /Occupational License, building trades must have a Johnson County Contractors License and roofing contractors must also have a Kansas Roofer Registration.
  3. City of Roeland Park, Kansas
  4. If mailing address is different than physical address, please indicate below:
  5. Compute your annual license fee and file your application with payment before November 30th. You can pay online (see link below) or make check or money order payable to City of Roeland Park and mail to the City Clerk at 4600 W. 51st St, Roeland Park, KS 66205.
  6. Those seeking to license in-home daycare with more than three children, must complete a Special Use Permit Application and pay the associated fees and obtain approval from the City Planning Commission (Ord. 961, adopted 11/20/2017). Approval expires after five years. Annual renewals require a copy of the state licensure.
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