Barking Dog or Animal Running-at-Large

To report a barking dog, contact animal control at 913-782-0720. The keeping, or harboring of any animal which by loud frequent and habitual barking, howling, yelping, mewing, roaring or screeching disturbs the peace of any neighborhood is prohibited. It is the duty of any person harboring or keeping such loud or noisy animal or animals to abate the condition, and if he or she fails to do so, the city may abate it by taking up, impounding and/or disposing of the animal at the expense of the owner. (Ordinance 408, Section 11; Code 1986.)

Don’t permit your dog, cat or other animal to defecate on any other persons' property within the city, unless you immediately remove such waste from the property.

Don’t permit your dog or cat to run-at-large within the city at any time.  If your animal is running-at-large, it will be impounded.

If your pet is lost or missing, please contact the Animal Control Officers at 913-782-0720 as soon as possible. Always have a collar on your pet with the city license on it and put your phone number and/or address on a tag on the collar. Help us increase the opportunity to protect and return your pet to you.

Impound Information

Stray animals, animals running-at-large, bite case animals and other impounds will be held for a maximum of 10 days. If your pet has been impounded, you can find out by calling Animal Control at 913-782-0720. Your pet must be vaccinated for rabies and licensed in the city annually.


Animal Control can be reached by calling 913-782-0720 (Johnson County Sheriff’s dispatch).