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Roeland Park officials have not received any inquiries from Kansas City, Kansas, officials about extending Nall Avenue north into KCK’s jurisdiction. Such action would require Roeland Park City Council approval and entail a traffic analysis to determine the traffic impacts as well as any related improvements warranted.

Below you’ll find all notes from Roeland Park meetings and presentations that are relative to our Planning Sustainable Places project.

Roeland Park is Recipient of a 2019 "Planning Sustainable Places" Project Grant

This project is supported through a grant from the Mid-America Regional Council’s (MARC) Planning Sustainable Places Initiative - a regional program funded by the state-allocated Surface Transportation Program (Livable Communities Pilot) and intended to assist communities to explore transportation network improvements that enhance the quality of life and support long-term community growth. Project Understanding: • Strategic Opportunities • Economic Development • Community + Stakeholder Involvement • Aligning Expectations • Implement Recommendations

The Planning Sustainable Places (PSP) program continues the work of the Creating Sustainable Places initiative and the region’s Metropolitan Transportation Plan, Transportation Outlook 2040, to promote concepts consistent with sustainable communities and advance site-specific and project-specific activities within the centers-and-corridors planning framework.

The 2019 PSP grantees are located within the MARC eight-county metropolitan planning organization (MPO) boundary.

The Roeland Park project includes the area surrounding the 48th St and Roe Blvd. intersection and along Johnson Dr between Roe Blvd. and Roeland Dr.

The links below are documents generated to date.

Presentation at Meeting on 3-22-19 (PDF)

Presentation at Meeting on 3-22-19 (PDF)

Presentation at Meeting on 4-10-19 (PDF)

Steering Committee Meeting Notes 4-10-19 (PDF)

Presentation at Meeting on 5-29-19 (PDF)

Steering Committee Notes 5-29-19 (PDF)

Presentation at Public Meeting 2 06-06-2019 (PDF)

Presentation at Meeting 06-19-2019 (PDF)

Steering Committee Notes 06-19-20019 (PDF)

Presentation at Public Meeting 07-10-2019 (PDF)

Roe Boulevard and Johnson Drive Corridor Plan